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Bubz aka Bubbi (Lindy Tsang-Ng) is a Northern Irish- Chinese 27 year old Youtube celebrity and entrepreneur best known for her make-up tutorials and advice.  She also has two other Youtube channels called 'Bubbiosity', a comedy skit channel and 'BubzVlogz', her vlogging channel.

Her Life

Lindy was born in Dundonald, Ireland. She spent most of her childhood in the small town of Glengormley. She was brought up by her grandparents. As one of the only Asian students at her primary and high school, Lindy was bullied by her peers and stood out from the crowd, although she recalls that the bullying made her into a stronger person. Lindy now lives in a small apartment in Hong Kong.  She owns two dogs, Chubbi (pomeranian) and Domo (toy poodle) and is married to her husband, Tim.  She is dedicated to beauty and makeup, fitness, green tea, and 'Making Life Bubbiful'. Her videos are aimed primarily at younger females and aim to boost their confidence and motivate them to become better people. To date, Lindy has over 2.5 million subscribers. She enjoys watching Korean dramas and listening to Korean music. She also announced on the 21st of February 2014 that she was pregnant with her first baby with husband Tim.


"I gave myself a mission to help people feel more beautiful about themselves, and in return, they ended up making me feel more beautiful than I ever did." "My best advice would be to always be willing to try and willing to learn. I have lived my entire life trying to please certain people in my life and realized it will never be enough for them. There will always be people in life that will try to slow you down, but you keep moving and let your family and friends be your strength too. Life is too short to ponder and wait for miracles. Make it happen."

Latest activityEdit

Lindy is currently pregnant with her first child. She is also currently working on her own jewellery line. Lindy Tsang/ Bubz Natural Makeup Look

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